Look: NFL World Feeling Bad For Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is an unhappy man on Sunday night.

The legendary NFL quarterback turned Pro Bowl head coach lost to his brother, Eli Manning, on Sunday evening.

Following the game, Peyton Manning was pretty upset.

“Peyton Manning was legit upset at losing the Pro Bowl. Justin Jefferson waving goodbye,” Ari Meirov tweeted.

Feel better, Peyton.

“Lmao, this is so on brand,” one fan wrote.

“This man needs to get into coaching but he might but blow a blood vessel,” one fan added.

“Peyton was heated. That was fun,” another fan wrote.

“I’d actually love to see Peyton turn coach. He’s demand so much from his players, an actual wizard,” one fan added.

“As an older brother, I totally get it,” one fan wrote.

Better luck next year, Peyton.

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