Look: Football World Reacts To Lane Kiffin’s Announcement

Lane Kiffin has a message for Alabama fans who might be getting worked up about their program’s recent coordinator hires.

“The [GOAT] just signed the #1 Recruiting class with no coordinators!! Relax @AlabamaFTBL,” Kiffin tweeted Monday morning.

The Ole Miss head coach’s tweet was in response to a Barstool College Football tweet implying that Tide fans might be disappointed their team hired Tommy Rees and Kevin Steele instead of Joe Brady and Jeremy Pruitt.

Any time Lane tweets, he usually elicits a healthy amount of responses. 

This time is no different.

“Uncle Kiffin from downtown,” said one Alabama fan.

“This man more worried about what ‘Bama got going on instead of his own damn school. This clown is a joke! #WDE,” responded an Auburn fan.

“Well spoken. At this point we should just trust that Coach Saban knows more than all of us and made wise decisions,” said Mike Huesmann of Mike Farrell Sports.

“Does Lane coach for Ole Miss or Alabama at this rate?” wondered the Barstool College Football Show.

“Lane Kiffin already training us for when he takes over at Alabama once Saban retires?” wondered another Crimson Tide fan.

Few college football coaches use Twitter quite like Kiffin does. 

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