Heathrow and Gatwick: Passengers stealing from planes and flogging stuff for £100s on eBay as flight attendant gives desperate plea

Heathrow, Gatwick and other passengers are stealing from planes and flogging things for £100s on eBay as flight attendant issues a desperate plea in response.

That’s right, flyers are taking all kinds of objects from soaps to life jackets with them when they get off the plane. The pieces of life saving kit in particular are being sold for as much as £100 on eBay.

A flight attendant shared their thoughts about stolen items with The Sun as they even revealed their colleagues do it too. And it’s not everything you’d expect either, some passengers reportedly steal the safety cards from the back of plane seats.

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These safety cards are used to give passengers vital information in case an unforeseen situation occurs. The flight attendant said: “These are mostly taken by aviation geeks who collect them from each plane they go on. I’m not sure why, but it’s a bit annoying to have to go round and replace them, which often ends up being my job.”

However, it’s the life jacket stealing that seems to be the worst and the attendant says this is the ‘main’ thing to be taken by passengers with them often said to be sold for £100 each. They reminded stealers that they could be ‘putting someone’s life at risk’. Plus, they also said: “We know where you were sat and therefore will have a pretty good idea of who stole the jacket.”

Currently on eBay, you can find various life jackets from aeroplanes but the majority of them seem to be ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ pieces such as a British Airways life jacket from the 1980s up for £49.99. There is newer looking items too though such as an airline life jacket and belt not due to expire until 2028 being sold for £32.63 with an extra £20.59 postage from the US.

Another eBay seller even has two crew demo kits up for sale. Typically used by flight attendants before the plane takes off, the kit includes a life jacket, oxygen mask, safety card and a seat belt.

This used piece of kit is currently being sold for £25 in the UK plus extra for delivery. The seller included in the description: “These are genuine airline/aircraft items but are not from a demo kit. Safety card is Thomas Cook Boeing 757.”

Other than life-saving equipment, a very common item to steal is the pillows and blankets given on long-haul flights. While the attendant says they ‘don’t mind’, they did warn: “Other flight attendants can be a little stricter than me.”

With the attendant being a little lenient, they gave their advice to flyers who might think about taking home items: “Just make sure you’re not taking too much and nothing hugely important, or life saving, and you’ll probably be alright.”

MyLondon have contacted eBay for comment.

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