Happy Valley viewers praise cast after intense finale

Happy Valley spoilers follow.

Happy Valley viewers were blown away by the performances of Sarah Lancashire, James Norton, and the entire cast after an intense series three finale.

The finale brought about the conclusion of the gripping police drama, which had set up a tense final chapter in which Tommy Lee Royce (Norton) plotted to move abroad and take his son (and Catherine’s grandson) Ryan (Rhys Connah) with him.

Meanwhile, Lancashire’s Catherine suspected Tommy was involved in Joanne’s death and her family had to go into hiding. The sixth and final episode of this series answered all those questions in an unexpected yet satisfying way.

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Tommy broke into Catherine’s house and the two had an emotionally charged conversation, in which they both found closure of their own sort. Later, Catherine received a text that confirmed Tommy was, indeed, dead.

But it was this fierce scene between Tommy and Catherine that brought about the biggest reactions from Happy Valley viewers, with fans calling for awards glory and heaps of praise for Lancashire and Norton’s performances.

“This is best acting from 2 people I have ever seen,” wrote one astonished viewer, while another believed that James Norton should “win everything” for his villainous turn as Tommy.

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Norton wasn’t the only one receiving praise, however, as plenty were full of admiration for Lancashire and writer Sally Wainwright.

“GIVE SARAH LANCASHIRE ALL THE AWARDS. GIVE HER EVERYTHING,” wrote one fan. Another wrote: “Sarah Lancashire… a MASTERCLASS. That is how you end a series! Sally Wainwright is a genius.”

Meanwhile, one loved the show so much they were sad to see Happy Valley end: “Gutted it’s over but that was brilliant. Sarah Lancashire and James Norton had me on edge during that scene! Such a good end to an amazing show.”

And another fan clearly sees big things coming series three’s way, calling for BAFTA to start handing out the well-deserved prizes to the show and its cast already.

“Not a wasted word or look, just perfection. Might as well hand out the BAFTAs now.”

Happy Valley airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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