BBC Happy Valley fans divided over key storyline ‘wrapped up in 30 seconds’

Happy Valley fans have been left divided after one of the show’s key storylines was “wrapped up in 30 seconds”. The finale off the BBC show, which has been running since 2014, saw the death of psychopath Tommy Lee Royce but there were also a number of other loose ends to tie up.

One of these was the fate of Faisal the chemist who killed his neighbour Joanna in a fit of rage. Much of season three of the show focussed on Faisal’s storyline but some fans were left disappointed by how quickly writers brought it to an end.

Towards the end of the episode Catherine worked out that Faisal probably had something to do with Joanna’s death and told her boss, just as she was about to retire. However, while it was assumed that he was probably going to be arrested, viewers never saw it on screen.

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One fan took to Twitter to write: “The #HappyValley finale was very good from the main story point of view but did anyone else find the whole Hepworth/Faisal part of the storyline was crazily rushed at the end and basically as if they’d nearly forgotten about it?!”

Another added that there should be a spin-off series following the result of Faisal’s storyline: “Absolutely loved the finale to #HappyValley, and thought the kitchen scene was one of the most gripping TV scenes I’ve ever watched. Does anyone else feel however, that there is room for a spin off mini-series investigating and wrapping up the Rob Hepworth/Faisal Bhatti case?”

A third fan added: “I would have liked IDEALLY a two hour final episode of #HappyValley with more time to resolve the Rob/Joanna/Faisal sub-plot. It felt a bit like that moment in Shakespeare when a minor character comes on and says ‘the king hath just slain the queen, but what were you saying?'”

However, some fans said it felt satisfying that Catherine would so casually solve the murder before leaving. “Catherine just casually dropping Faisal in it then leaving, my Queen,” one fan said.

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