Map shows restaurants with worst food hygiene scores across UK

If your New Year’s resolution was to spend less money on takeaways, then this should help you with that.

Mice infestations, cockroaches crawling all over kitchen counters, filthy premises and mould – this is just a snapshot of the hygiene standards in some restaurants, bars and pubs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

According to data released by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), currently there are more than 800 establishments with a food rating of zero.

An interactive map reveals where these places are – and if your local fish and chip shop is on it, well, we are sorry.

All businesses that serve food are awarded with a hygiene rating between zero (urgent improvement necessary) and five (very good), and they are required to display that rating.

Last month, a report by the FSA found one in five UK takeaways failed basic food handling an cleanliness checks.

Though in Scotland, there is a different rating system where businesses either pass or need improvement.

Environmental Health Officers have told MailOnline that they work with business owners to bring up their facilities to the required standard.

If this does not succeed then it is possible that a firm could be sent forward for prosecution. 

Among the establishments that have been slapped with a zero rating is London’s popular La Porchetta Pollo Bar and Pizzeria on Old Compton Street.

Just down the road, another Italian restaurant, Limoncello’s, has also been given a zero rating.

Over the years, has reported on a number of shocking incidents at restaurants across the country.

In October, Golden Phoenix in the capital’s Chinatown was given a zero-star food hygiene rating after a diner with a ‘severe and life-threatening’ nut allergy was allegedly served a contaminated dish.

An inspector who visited 10 days later found that there were ‘traces of nut in the complainant’s meal’.

The results of a follow-up inspection at the Chinese restaurant were revealed last week.

It was given a one-star rating after mouse droppings were discovered, along with food handlers wearing dirty clothes. 

Inspectors also found ‘high risk’ foods, including fried chicken and duck, being stored at room temperature, according to a report by the City of Westminster’s public protection and licensing team.

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