Man charged £666 for veggie burger and is still waiting for a refund

A man has been left distraught after late-night hunger pangs unexpectedly left him £666.50 out of pocket.

Toby Wilson, from Manchester, travelled to York to meet with a group of friends ahead of Christmas, and decided to pick up a veggie burger and chips as the night wound down.

The quick meal from food truck Efe’s Kebab Kitchen was supposed to cost £6.50.

But when Toby checked his bank balance a few days later, he noticed it was significantly below what he was expecting – and then clocked the disastrous mistake to blame.

He said: ‘I am a non-drinker. Maybe it would be different if someone was drunk and just stumbled in to get a kebab and got it all wrong. But that’s very much not the case.’

At first, he saw the funny side, and assumed things would be sorted out quickly.

He asked a friend in York to go back to the truck and hand over his details, and after talking through the issue over text, business owner Ahmed Abdullah was willing to help.

However, when he asked Toby to sort everything out through his bank, things started to go downhill.

The 35-year-old HR manager said: ‘It’s very frustrating.

‘Admittedly, at the start, it was a bit of a funny story. I thought it would be quickly sorted out and the banks would go, “Yep, it’s an error.”

‘But the bank is very slow at doing things. They said, “Have you got a receipt?”

‘The human aspect of it is I don’t. No one has a receipt for things like that.

‘I have a mortgage and bills to pay. It is just very worrying. The point is the money is mine, and it’s a significant amount.’

Mr Abdullah told the York Press newspaper: ‘I would like them to deal with the bank – it’s safer for them and me, and this is the legal way.’

After more than a month, Toby feels the matter has reached a stalemate.

He said: ‘If it was £50, I might be able to go, “You know what, just keep it, I’m not bothered with the stress.”

‘But it’s a lot.’

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