Look: NFL World Booing Pro Bowl Halftime Performance

It’s safe to say the NFL World isn’t thrilled with the halftime performance at the Pro Bowl this weekend.

Rae Sremmurd is performing at halftime of the Pro Bowl on Sunday afternoon.

The performance is trending on social media.

“Now who booked Rae sremmurd in 2023?!?!” one fan wondered.

“Rae Sremmurd woulda been a top tier halftime show…in 2015…” one fan added.

“Rae Sremmurd corny af and all the shots of the players show it” another fan added.

“What was the budget for the pro bowl performances?! Why is Rae Sremmurd on my screen?!?!” one fan added.

Even Eli Manning couldn’t get into it.

Hopefully the second half of the game is better than the halftime show performance, right?

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