Heathrow: Amazing video shows world’s largest passenger jet landing at airport but everyone makes same comment

While plane spotting is often an enjoyable pastime, watching aircrafts shoot off into the clouds or elegantly touch down on a runway, one such incident has left people feeling more than a little uncomfortable. An amazing video, showing the world’s largest passenger jet landing at Heathrow Airport, had people feeling a bit creeped out.

The video, filmed from Myrtle Avenue in London – one of the most famous spots for plane spotting – shows the passenger jet, an Airbus A380, suddenly emerging from the clouds. The A380 is the world’s biggest passenger aircraft and one of the largest airplanes ever built.

Double-decker in design, the massive plane typically carries around 575 passengers, but it can fit up to 853 people in an all-economy layout. While most people may marvel at the magnificent advances to aviation, others have been left feeling totally creeped out, with some even saying the video tapped into their intense fear of large objects.

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In the video posted to TikTok by @lifeabroad1, the large Airbus A380 emerges from the clouds before flying across a nearby road and touching down at Heathrow – and commenters quickly took to the video to express their discomfort. “Nah I don’t like how it flew out of the fog looking like it suddenly appeared”, one person penned.

“I’ve been flying since before I could walk & love it but this is low key scary. Just a huge metal machine floating in the air lol”, a second person joked. “This is amazing but also gives me major megalophobia”, a third chimed in. Another added: “This makes me feel ill.”

Others were baffled at how the huge aircraft had even managed to get off the ground. “I find it mental that something that huge/heavy can fly”, one person wrote. Another added: “It’s actually scary but fascinating how something so heavy and big can fly AND carry people.”

“The fact that this can get off the ground is crazy. I said I’d never want to be in one because I’m scared it’ll just fall back down”, one more wrote. Others hilariously compared the passenger jet to a dragon, with some even tracing it to a particular scene from Game of Thrones.

“Why does this remind me of a dragon lol”, one person commented, while another added: “This looks like that one scene from Game of Thrones when the Dothraki start charging at the Lannister’s and then Daenerys swoops in from the skies”, to which others agreed.

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