Former NFL Quarterback Says Tom Brady Keeps ‘Ruining’ His Career

Tom Brady may soon embark on a broadcasting career after announcing his retirement Wednesday.

The iconic quarterback signed a 10-year, $375 million deal last year to join FOX’s commentary booth when he’s done playing. While Brady reportedly won’t participate in the network’s Super Bowl coverage next weekend, he could assume a prominent role during the 2023 season.

He’s not the only former AFC East quarterback on the team. Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show earlier this week, FOX analyst Mark Sanchez joked about Brady coming to take his spotlight. 

“Thanks for ruining the trajectory of my career for the second time, Tom,” Sanchez said. “I get drafted to the guy’s division, now he’s gotta come to FOX and ruin everything here. I can’t get away from the guy.”

Sanchez quickly clarified that he was kidding before welcoming Brady to the team.

“Obviously I’m saying that in jest,” he continued. “He’s the man. He’s the best of all time and I’m fired up to have him. That’s pretty cool. Hopefully he doesn’t get too annoyed with the hazing we put him through as rookies here at FOX. It’s going to be rough for him.”

Sanchez spent four seasons in the same division as Brady while quarterbacking the New York Jets. He threw three touchdowns over Brady’s New England Patriots in their only playoff meeting, but the future Hall of Famer since won four Super Bowls.

Sanchez, who joined FOX in 2021, praised Brady’s “unbelievable” career before bringing his son into the room to claim his dad was better.

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